Ancient Near Eastern studies

Introduction Near Eastern studies

Ancient Near Eastern studies examine the language and culture of the ancient Near East. Research interests range from the first appearance of writing in cuneiform script in the region in the late 4th millennium BC to the Arabian conquest in the 7th century AD.
Ancient Near Eastern studies on the one hand take a philological and historical approach, and on the other they use archaeological methods to examine the material evidence from the ancient Near East.


BA-Studiengang: Archäologie, Major (Universität Bern)
(2 zu wählende Schwerpunkte: Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Archäologie des Mittelmeerraumes, Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen, Prähistorische Archäologie)

BA-Studiengang: Archäologie, Minor, mit Vorderasiatischer Archäologie (Universität Bern)

Cursus BA: Études mésopotamiennes (Université de Genève)